Supply Chain Process in iMES Suites

Planning and Forecasting

Analyze historical data and market trends to plan production and distribution.

Procurement of Materials

Automate the ordering of materials based on actual demand and forecasts.


Optimize the production process and continuously monitor product quality.

Warehousing and Logistics

Manage inventory effectively, optimizing transportation and delivery.

Sales and Distribution

Ensure products reach customers on time and in good condition.

After-Sales Service

Monitor customer feedback and manage warranties and maintenance of products.

Key Features

IMES Suites from New Ocean IS provides a comprehensive supply chain management solution, helping businesses optimize processes from input to output. Here are the key features of this module:

Real-time Updates

Provides continuous information and immediate updates, helping to manage accurately and timely all developments in the supply chain.

Automatic Error Handling

Automatically detects and alerts errors in the process, thereby minimizing risks and enhancing work efficiency.

System Integration

Easily integrates with other ERP and CRM systems, offering a unified and synchronized solution for all business activities.

High Accuracy and Reliability

Uses the latest technology to ensure accurate, transparent information, thereby enhancing business credibility.

Why Choose iMES Suites?

The Weighing and Delivery solution helps company to mitigate interruption during operation

Real-time monitoring of plant vehicles from Inbound to Outbound process and presented in a visual dashboard

Serve customers for ordering and dispatching a sale order when SAP or any ERP system shutdown

Potential saving – Save the cost for paper and the time for creating reports

Centralization data – Combine all applications to one, using one Database to store all data

Interaction – Easy to connect and synchronous data with other system

Real-time monitoring – Accessible of needed data on real-time basis, supportive for urgent decision making

Data Analytics – Make use of available data for visualization to improve manufacturing processes

Manager can see the real-time all data by using the website application, any time and any where. Daily, weekly, monthly report

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