DxFACTORY, formerly known as Factory Smart Forms & Checklists, is a comprehensive solution developed by New Ocean IS to enhance efficiency in manufacturing management and operations. With state-of-the-art technology, DxFACTORY automates processes, from production planning to quality control and equipment maintenance, through a user-friendly and easily integratable platform.

  • Smart Forms and Checklists
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • User-Friendly Interface

DxFACTORY is an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance competitiveness and achieve superior production efficiency. Investing in DxFACTORY is a significant step towards digital transformation and optimizing your manufacturing operations.


Challenges Faced by Factories During Operation

Low Efficiency

Difficult Management

Inventory and Storage

Maintenance and Repair

Poor Data Analysis

High Costs

Slow Response


85% of users rate the DxFACTORY solution above expectations.

For CEOs/Leadership Team:

  • Visionary Management: DxFACTORY provides comprehensive strategic monitoring capabilities, from production to administration, enabling leadership to gain deep insights into business operations.
  • Informed Decision Making: Real-time data and intelligent analysis facilitate quick and accurate decision-making, enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise.

For Businesses:

  • Optimize Performance: Enhance productivity and efficiency through process automation and digitization.
  • Business Flexibility: Provide the ability to adapt quickly to market changes and demands.

For Department Heads/Team Leads:

  • Project Management: Enhance the ability to track and manage projects, resources, and work progress.
  • Team Feedback: Receive prompt feedback from employees, aiding in adjusting plans and boosting work efficiency.

With Employees:

  • User-Friendly Interface: An easy-to-use user interface helps employees access and utilize the tool effortlessly.
  • Skill Enhancement: Training and development tools enhance professional skills, boosting competence through learning and practice.


Outstanding Technical Expertise

Our team, with rich experience and high expertise, is committed to delivering top-notch solutions for our clients.

Application of Advanced Technology

Utilizing the latest technology, with regular updates, to ensure your system remains modern and efficient.

Strong R&D projects

We are committed to innovation through R&D projects, showcasing our continuous creativity and improvement capabilities.

Great customer support and service.

High-quality post-sales support and consulting services help customers resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Diverse Solutions

Providing a range of solutions and services to meet the needs of various industries and businesses.

Reputation in the industry.

Confirmed through positive evaluations and successful case studies from clients, proving our competence and reputation.

Security and Legal Compliance

Ensure strict compliance with regulations regarding data security and information security.

Flexible Integration Capability

Our solution can seamlessly integrate with your organization's existing systems and tools.

Long-term Development Strategy

Provide long-term plans and strategies, accompanying the development and expansion process of your business.


Warehouse management

Material Management

Report Analitics



User Management

Production Management




Master Data Menegement


DxFACTORY - Comprehensive digitalization solution takes the factory beyond the forefront

Efficient Management and Operations

Automation and optimization of workflows.
Centralization of information and data on one platform.
Compliance with regulations related to quality and occupational safety.

Improving productivity and quality.

Saving time through digitizing forms and checklists.
Improving product quality through continuous management and inspection.
Enhancing workplace safety.

Data-driven decision-making and rapid feedback.

Accurate data analysis to support decision-making.
Support strategic decision-making through detailed information.
Enhance the ability to respond quickly to changes.

Optimize finances and adapt to the market.

Reduce costs through process optimization.
Quickly adapt to the market through flexible information updates.

User Experience and Security

Enhance user experience with a user-friendly interface.
Protect information and data through advanced security measures.

Enhance user experience with a user-friendly interface.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence.
Application on Mobile Devices.
Collaboration with Data Providers.
Automate Performance Evaluation Point Creation.
Enhanced Data Security.

Help build a Better
for All

Module - DxFACTORY

DxFACTORY can include various modules to meet the specific needs of a smart factory. Each module can be designed to operate independently or closely interact with other modules, creating an integrated, flexible, and powerful factory management system.



Managing and scheduling maintenance for machinery and equipment.
Tracking maintenance history and predicting potential maintenance needs.

Warehouse Management

Optimizing the storage and movement processes of inventory.
Effective warehouse and transportation management, minimizing errors, and optimizing space.


Monitoring and managing the use of utilities such as electricity, water, and gas.
Helping to reduce costs and increase energy efficiency.

SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment)

Ensuring occupational safety, health, and environmental protection.
Monitoring and managing safety requirements and regulatory compliance.

Production Management

Planning and monitoring production processes.
Managing orders and optimizing production lines.

Material Management

Managing procurement, controlling raw materials, and supplier management.
Ensuring available materials when needed and reducing unnecessary inventory.

User Management

Managing user permissions and access within the system.
Customizing the interface and user experience to fit each role.


Detailed planning for production activities and necessary resources.
Integrating long-term and short-term planning throughout the supply chain.

Report Analytics

Generating reports and analyzing data to make informed decisions.
Utilizing big data and AI-driven analytics to gain insights into performance.

Master Data Management

Managing data to ensure consistency and accuracy across the entire system.
Updating and maintaining standardized data from products to customers.

Instant changes with DxFACTORY

Improving operational processes.
Managing quality at a new level.
Optimizing raw materials.
Data-driven decision making.
Enhancing labor productivity.
Safety and legal compliance.

Benefits of DxFACTORY

Optimizing Processes


Improved product quality

Accurate data analysis

Easy management

Enhanced occupational safety

Decision support

Enhanced responsiveness

Cost savings

Market adaptability

Legal compliance

Enhanced user experience

Data security