New Ocean Information System ( New Ocean IS )– is a high-end software company established in 2010. This is the result of the responsibility, high reputation, enthusiastic spirit of the collective. members and our company. Over 11 years of continuous research and development, New Ocean IS affirms that it will bring a breakthrough direction with the modern advancement of the global automobile manufacturing field – a package of online business management solutions (manufacturing) – Factory Smart Forms & Checklists(FASF) on Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform for business friends world.

  With experience in the field of automobile manufacturing, we have worked and cooperated with many famous enterprises and received absolute trust. We will surely bring to our customers the most preeminent, modern and professional experience.

production solution. Souce: nois.vn
production solution. Souce: nois.vn


The COVID-19 epidemic is a major challenge to the global economy. Thousands of businesses have encountered obstacles, reduced human resources, and even went bankrupt. Our FASF package of New Ocean IS is the golden key that opens a new door in providing a full package of solutions and services during the post-pandemic restructuring and recovery period.

   New Ocean IS fully understands the common difficulties that businesses are facing, especially in the automotive field, with more and more difficulties and inadequacies, we are here for you. With meticulous market research, constantly updating the most advanced technology, New Ocean IS always tries to bring to customers the most dedicated and prestigious. Always stick to the “guideline” to reliably accompany the production units throughout the operation process. Towards the digitization of manual processes, all paper work into digital format, building automation systems, optimizing data analysis and management to help customers improve their business. number, saving time and cost effectively.


Automotive. Ảnh : nois.vn
Automotive. Ảnh : nois.vn

✅ The field of automobile manufacturing is a field that possesses a huge and important source of information: customer files, trends, customer tastes, comparison and pricing policy… so documents and information files very much.

✅ Management in the traditional way via A4 paper and EXCEL file will cause confusion, waste time searching and cost more for printing paper.

✅ People’s material life has improved, leading to the need for increasingly strict food safety standards. If the traditional management method through data reports on paper will be time-consuming, the troubles and professionalism of the business will be backward, even when there is a problem, it is difficult to find. out a solution.

✅ The source of raw materials in the field of automobile manufacturing is extremely diverse and rich, to make a perfect finished product requires a combination of meticulous and sophisticated materials. Therefore, the strict and unified management of all data and employees is a challenge for businesses.

✅ In the wake of the global economic downturn, shoppers are becoming more cautious, less loyal, challenging automakers and dealership branches to be responsive, professional and responsive to demand. of the market. The management of retail and agent systems only through document files, making it difficult to control consumption, income, and order status of each branch.

✅ Because the automobile industry is considered a potential and classy field – the customer comes first, customer care is extremely important. By remembering or making notes on paper, customer needs will easily lead to errors or mistakes, causing loss of reputation of the business in the hearts of consumers.

✅ A car sold in the automotive field is an important asset, customers need to be consulted and cared for for a long time, prestige, so if there is no meticulous plan, time storing confidential and professional information will easily cause loss of trust in customers and the reputation of the business.


Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) optimizes operations for all production units in all fields, specifically:

🛡 For business owners, company directors:

FASF provides users with a powerful new step in information processing technology. A massive and complex amount of paperwork will be encoded into numbers and stored all on the software.

📌 Eliminates cumbersome printing procedures, saving a significant source of costs.

📌 With just a laptop or simply a tablet, directors can easily control the total progress of activities in the production chain or even global branch agents on the website platform. and optimized mobile.

📌 New Ocean’s software will automatically assume most of the accounting terms to help speed up data entry and minimize errors.

📌 Allows quick search of all products, raw materials by code or by name, search for phrases or abbreviations of words. Save a great deal of time for workers and managers.

Automotive. Ảnh : nois.vn
Automotive. Ảnh : nois.vn
Automotive. Ảnh : nois.vn
Automotive. Ảnh : nois.vn

📌 An outstanding advantage that helps the operation of all employees go into orbit, just arising a hole immediately you will be supported to access data immediately when you need to make urgent decisions. New Ocean IS understands the difficulties of business owners, we always offer the most advanced and optimal applications to users.

📌 All data is arranged scientifically, according to specific categories such as employees, raw materials, customers, revenue by day, month, quarter, etc., helping owners and managers quickly check the progress the most convenient job.

📌 Manage labor, delivery time, packaging and label samples in a logical and neat manner to help business owners and directors easily review and check when necessary with one touch of the screen.

📌 Store information and needs of customers and partner companies, thereby improving product quality, customer care services to help affirm the competitive advantage and reputation of the business.

🛡 For employees of each production process:

➡️ Store the necessary information of the production line, to perform the work schedule accurately, easily check and fix when there is a problem.

➡️ Employees have a higher sense of responsibility for work because the production processes are pre-programmed, so the delivery time will be shortened, requiring employees to be close and focused to keep up with the schedule.

➡️ Effectively manage human resources, schedule time and attendance quickly and accurately, store employee information on the most intelligent FASF software.

➡️ Factory Smart Forms & Checklists  (FASF) also encourages employees to work more efficiently thanks to email and phone reminder applications. Easy for employees to update and control data with simple operations.

🛡 For employees and car dealers:

➡️ Vehicle inventory management by chassis number, vehicle color, type, origin…. all just encapsulated through the software’s digital information, quickly and accurately.

➡️ FASF software also supports the management of the exchange of spare parts when selling cars, avoiding quality loss and affecting the reputation of the business.

➡️ Manage sales, profits by employee, department, store, product group, category, origin in a scientific way, with just one touch, all data will appear immediately.

➡️ Manage the history of the warranty and periodic maintenance process according to the loyalty card, VIP. This process helps business owners take care of customers in the most effective way, learn from mistakes and improve customer experience, turning them from close potential to VIP.

➡️ Management of car purchase in installments, all cumbersome papers, monthly receipts will be optimized by FASF into electronic invoices, the digital information stored by the software is accurately consulted for convenience for users. low and middle income. Expand the customer file for the business.

➡️ Allows intelligent search, query and look up information about vehicles by type, color, chassis number, and engine number in the process of consulting and selling cars.

➡️ Manage information of customers buying cars, recommenders to buy cars in the most optimal and simplest way.


📍 Over 10 years of development in the software field, we always research and apply the most advanced techniques to bring customers a great experience and reputation. Choosing to put your trust in us is a reliable choice for you.

📍 Experienced in digital transformation, we have successfully implemented many large industrial projects such as (Goldcoin Truck-weight, P&G Truck-weight, etc.)

📍 New Ocean IS owns converged Information and Automation technology to provide a complete solution, interactive experience with SAP.

📍 We are experts in manufacturing solutions with long experience for enterprise customers in various industries (F&B, FMCG, Semiconductor, etc.) and have strengths in data acquisition integration Computer equipment.

📍 Even more impressive when businesses trust to use our products, you will save a lot of costs when reusing components of similar projects. Because our products are smart software, researched with enthusiasm, applied in many fields.

📍 New Ocean Digital Transformation solutions align with Microsoft’s Digital Transformation for Manufacturing. And especially New Ocean IS is also a silver partner for Azure cloud solutions.

📍 With superior technology, Ocean not only owns FASF electronic forms but also owns quality or ISO standard forms. Surely you will be satisfied with the most professional experience from us.


New Ocean IS always puts “Enthusiasm” and “Talent” as the top criteria, we understand that the more a company grows, the most important factor is having a quality staff. That’s why all of our New Ocean IS employees undergo training from basic to professional, experience from theory to practical application, and approach the most advanced high technology. The working environment is focused on developing so that all employees can work in a comfortable, fair and healthy manner.