Smart Inventory Management with

iMES Suites Optimized with QR Code and RFID Technology

Inventory management is one of the crucial factors ensuring business operation efficiency and the success of a company. With the iMES Suites platform, New Ocean IS offers a smart, scientific inventory management solution that helps businesses confidently face challenges in the digital era.

Challenges of Outdated Warehouse Solutions

Lack of Accuracy and Transparency

Traditional warehouse solutions often rely heavily on manual labor, leading to a high risk of errors in data entry and inventory management.

The lack of ability to accurately track inventory and shipment history reduces the ability to quickly and accurately respond to customer demands.

Low Efficiency in Inventory Management

The manual processes in inventory management slow down workflows, increase order processing time, and reduce the overall productivity of the business.

Challenges in optimizing storage space and arranging goods effectively often lead to wasted space and resources.

High Risks in Safety and Compliance

Outdated solutions are not regularly updated to meet the latest safety standards, creating safety risks in the warehouse.

A lack of features to comply with new regulations leads to legal and financial risks for the business.

Limited Scalability

Traditional inventory management systems are difficult to scale or adapt to market changes or business needs, limiting business growth.

Reasons for the Creation of the Warehouse Management Module

Automation of Management Processes

Minimizes reliance on manual data entry, reduces errors, and enhances the accuracy of information.

Real-time Updates and Transparency

Provides accurate and real-time inventory data, helping managers make quicker and more effective decisions.

Scalability and Integration

Easily integrates with other ERP systems and expands according to the growth needs of the business, ensuring the warehouse can adapt to rapid market changes.

Compliance and Safety

Ensures adherence to the latest safety standards and legal regulations, minimizing risks for the business.

Reasons for the Creation of

the Warehouse Management Module

Automated and Accurate Management

Uses QR Code and RFID technology to automate processes from warehousing to dispatch, inventory counting, and management, reducing errors and operation time.

Just-in-time (JIT) Management

Implements the JIT warehouse management model to eliminate excess inventory, ensuring safe stock levels for production, reducing costs, and enhancing business efficiency.

Real-time, Visual Management Anywhere, Anytime

Flexible warehouse management across all electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. Provides dashboards and visual charts, continuously updating warehouse activities.

Design and Monitor Warehouse Space

Allows managers to easily observe and optimize warehouse space through drag-and-drop design and arrangement.

Benefits of Using iMES Suites for Warehouse Management

Save Time and Costs

Minimize time and operational costs through automation and accurate management.

Enhance Efficiency

Improve productivity with optimized processes and modern technology.

Quick Response

Rapidly detect and address warehouse issues, ensuring continuous and effective operations.

Centralized Management

Consolidate and manage data from a unified platform, easy to access and control.

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