Our Services

Azure Cloud Services

  • Container Services on Cloud
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Development
  • Security & Governance
  • App Service
  • DR & Business Continuity Strategy
  • Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Management & Monitoring Strategy
  • Azure SQL

Azure Devops

  • Consulting covering devops technology
  • Consulting covering devops launching
  • Consulting covering all aspects of the devops services
  • Consulting covering restore/ regenerate devops projects

Azure Cloud Migration

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Data Migration
  • Application Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Security and Compliance
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Post-Migration Support
  • Optimization and Cost Management

Why Choose Us?

Choosing New Ocean Information System as a partner for Azure Cloud Services brings customers a range of significant benefits from technology optimization, cost reduction, enhanced security and data safety, to scalability and business readiness. This not only helps businesses achieve their current business objectives but also lays a solid foundation for innovation and future development.

New Ocean IS prides itself on its team of experts with extensive experience, which is demonstrated not only through skills and specialized knowledge but also through practical experience in deploying Azure cloud solutions for various businesses. This creates a solid reason for customers to choose New Ocean IS as their technology partner.


New Ocean Information System is not only capable of providing advanced cloud technology solutions such as data management and security, AI, and analytics but also possesses a team of experienced experts, ready to face any challenge and meet the unique needs of clients. This creates a solid foundation for customers when choosing New Ocean IS as a partner, ensuring success and long-term development in the digital era.

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