Traceability at iMES Suites

Create a unique code for each product using software applications, and print/stick/engrave the code on each product or product packaging. Manage and control the movement of product codes throughout the supply chain from the finished product warehouse to the end consumer.
Look up information via the printed code on the product for various purposes of different departments within the company (manufacturing, marketing, sales, supply chain, warehousing, distribution), or as required by partners when the customer is a supplier of semi-finished products.

Why should Traceability be implemented?

In the era 4.0, the extraordinary development of technology, software, and electronics opens up opportunities and challenges for every business. Integrating Traceability into the management system allows businesses to create special value, enhance competitiveness, and meet the increasing demands of the market. Some countries around the world such as the EU, UK, USA, India, and Thailand have made it mandatory to trace product information to ensure the identification of product quality and production facilities.

Highlights of Traceability in iMES Suites

Deep Integration with Other Modules of iMES Suites

Traceability is not merely a standalone application; it is deeply integrated with other modules within IMES Suites, allowing for seamless data exchange and automation of many internal processes.

Exclusive Encryption Technology

Uses proprietary encryption technology that not only makes the codes hard to replicate but also enhances the security of product information.

Support for Various Code Types

Supports multiple code types such as QR Code, Barcode, RFID, enabling businesses to choose the most suitable code type for their products and business requirements.

Real-Time Data Platform

Provides real-time product traceability information, allowing businesses and consumers to quickly and accurately check the origin and history of products.

Advanced Data Analytics

Integrates data analytics tools to identify consumer behavior patterns and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, thereby helping businesses optimize their business strategies.

Benefits of Traceability in iMES Suites

Enhanced Security

Protect products from counterfeiting and imitation, helping maintain brand reputation and quality.

Improved Business Performance

Effectively manage the flow of goods from production to distribution, reducing costs and storage time.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Closely track the supply chain from raw materials to final products, helping to detect and address potential issues early.

Increased Transparency

Provide transparent product information to consumers, increasing trust and customer satisfaction.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet legal requirements and regulations for product traceability in various markets and regions.

Practical Applications

In Production

Control quality at each production stage to ensure products meet standards before reaching consumers.

In Marketing and Sales

Provide detailed product information to support advertising and promotional campaigns, attracting customers and boosting sales.

In Quality Management

Detect and prevent the circulation of counterfeit and low-quality goods in the market, protecting consumers.

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