Resources that businesses get when using digital forms correctly

Business digitization is an inevitable direction in the 4.0 technology era. What has your business been, is and will continue to do to make this process happen? The digital form is the simplest step to gain momentum to help businesses enter the innovation stage. Join today's article to learn the great things that digital forms bring!
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Factory digitization with Factory Smart Forms & Checklists solution

What is factory digitization and why do businesses need to digitize factories soon? Factory digitization is predicted to be the inevitable changing trend of business development in the global technology application economy. In Vietnam, the rate of factory digitization is still low. Follow today's article to know what is the cause of this situation and let's find the optimal solution!
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Electronic Form And Factory Smart Forms & Checklists

In the digital technology race, Electronic Form completely prevails over Traditional Form. The benefits that E - Form brings to businesses are undeniable. Not out of this trend, New Ocean IS with Factory Smart Forms & Checklists is just what you are looking for!

Những khó khăn Doanh nghiệp gặp phải trong quá trình vận hành

Số lượng máy móc trong nhà máy có thể lên đến hàng trăm, hàng nghìn máy. Máy móc sản xuất luôn là công cụ “kiếm ra tiền” trong bất kỳ ngành nghề sản xuất nào. Và tất nhiên các vấn đề phát sinh, khó khăn chung mà nhiều doanh nghiệp đều gặp phải đa số là ở phân đoạn bảo trì, bảo dưỡng máy móc.
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Manage work efficiently with Electronic Checklist

Scientific and intelligent checklist is a way to help us get things done efficiently. Not only for individuals, but also for businesses. So what is the perfect Checklist solution for businesses, especially manufacturing businesses? Follow today's article to find out the answer!
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