🍁 What are checklists and digital checklists?

The phrase “Checklist” is no longer strange to us, this term appears in many different fields. Depending on the individual with different nature of work and study, there will be different time to complete the work. Have you ever encountered a state of bewilderment before tasks, tight deadlines and not being able to complete them on time? Then, the checklist will be an effective solution to solve your problems. Based on the checklist, we can track the progress of the daily work. From there, will ensure the completion of all tasks with the highest results

Digital checklist trend in the future. Souce: nois.vn

Thus, it can be understood that a checklist is a list of tasks that are set out towards a specific goal; Ensure the work takes place on time, according to the process, without being missed. The jobs are arranged in order of priority, from the smallest things to the big ones in a day, a month, a year, … to ensure the best results. And of course, depending on the importance of the job, you can arrange this job first or that job later. As long as that arrangement is scientific, smart and effective.

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Currently, most industries use checklists because of the convenience and performance it brings. In the company, not only the management board and even employees use checklists to control work, so that business activities can take place with the best results with a professional operating style. Checklist has become the preferred solution for many people.

Currently, there are two common forms of checklists:

Manual Checklist:

Checklist lists the tasks in notebooks, memos, .. or on excel files

Digital checklist

Also known as Digital Checklistwith many popular and easy-to-use applications such as Todolist, Due, Google Task,... You don't need to bring a pen or notebook to take notes. With digital checklist you just need a smart electronic device such as a phone, ipad... to record everything you want and have to do.

🍁 Advantages and disadvantages of digital checklist

From the above analysis, we can clearly see the outstanding advantages that Checklist as well as Digital checklist bring in support to complete the work for users. Experiencing the development of information technology, our era is now the 4.0 era – where you can see the great things brought by artificial intelligence, digitization or digitalization in any place. anywhere. Digital checklist appeared and showed its completely outstanding advantages compared to manual checklists. The completion of daily tasks has never been so carefully and meticulously. Digital checklist has been and will continue to play its role as a tool to ensure that work is progressing on schedule. At the same time the use of digital checklist It is also a part of showing the professional working attitude and ability to update information

technology applications of each individual, organization or enterprise. Digital checklist help leaders grasp the entire working process, recognize the shortcomings or wrong direction to promptly correct. Thus, it will bring high efficiency both at work and in leadership. For each employee, thanks to the checklist, all assigned tasks will be completed well. Besides, you can also set goals for yourself effectively and scientifically.


Digital checklist trend in the future. Souce: nois.vn
Digital checklist trend in the future. Souce: nois.vn

With digital checklist (Digital Checklist), everything will be faster, more accurate and more convenient. Communication of digital checklist present convenience when you only need access on applications or websites. And of course, depending on the conditions and working environment, you can completely choose the online or offline version! At the same time, you can also share group checklists on online platforms, which is very effective in case of teamwork. This is a very popular advantage of digital checklist, team members can access a checklist to capture information as well as suggestions during the working process.

In addition, the use of digital checklist. There are also some downsides worth noting. When each person is too dependent on themselves and the checklist will reduce the ability to react in urgent situations in terms of time. Such dependence also sometimes reduces work performance, when each person only completes the checklist for the day and then rests, rather than continuing to learn to develop himself. Therefore, we should also be proactive and flexible in our life and work.

🍁 Digital checklist trend in the future

The great revolution of 4.0 technology makes the use of digital checklists more and more popular. Digital checklistIt is applied in many fields such as programming, healthcare, restaurants and hotels,…


Work offline: Some websites and apps allow you to use checklists even without an internet connection on your Android, iOS, tablet or Windows 10 devices.

Safe environment: The data is stored carefully.

Details are updated quickly: With digital checklist, all employees can easily access and catch timely changes in work.

Take photos, take notes and add notes: Easily take pictures while collecting data, can annotate images and leave important notes.

Few errors: The clarity and ease of understanding in the digital checklist tool helps readers avoid unnecessary mistakes.


Using apps and websites in personal and business planning is increasingly common.

On personal and business electronic devices, most have apps digital checklist for work and life.

Digital checklistwill gradually cover and eliminate the existence of manual checklists.

The tremendous growth of digital checklist building platforms shows the remarkable importance and influence of digital checklists..

As a unit operating in the field of providing software and technology solutions for a long time, New Ocean Information System (NOIS) quickly grasps the trends number checklist. In the spirit of constant development, NOIS recognizes the resources that the digital checklistopen to each business, each industry is huge. Since then, the Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) solution package has been researched, developed and put into use by the dedicated staff of NOIS, with the first partner being

Vinamilk. Factory Smart Forms & Checklists are typical of achecklists number with full features of the most modern technology, developed based on the Azure cloud platform.


Giải pháp quản lý trong thời đại chuyển đổi số. Ảnh: nois.vn

● You and your business only need to use smart electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc. to access FASF.

● This technology system works and mainly informs and reminds by personal email. There will always be an “alarm clock” reminding you to do the right things at the right time and in the right place.

● Allows storing a lot of information and data and ensures absolute information security. Only those who are granted access can access your or your team’s checklist.

● All work processes will be recorded. Therefore, this can also be considered as a basis for tracing problems that occur during the work process, and at the same time, commending and rewarding individuals with excellent work achievements

Management solutions. Souce: nois.vn

As mentioned above, Factory Smart Forms & Checklists was researched and born with great potential digital checklist normally. If your business knows how to apply FASF intelligently and thoroughly, this is a tool to help implement digital transformation and home digitization extremely effectively. Let’s explore more about this issue in the next articles!

🍁 New Ocean IS And Digital Checklists

Trends of using digital checklistsIt will certainly be more popular in the future. We can completely believe in the development of an era of digital technology that will optimize human labor while ensuring work performance. Let your business with New Ocean Information System and Factory Smart Forms & Checklists conquer the age of technology!

Hiện nay, có hai hình thức checklist phổ biến:

  • Checklist thủ công: Checklist liệt kê các đầu công việc trong sổ tay, giấy nhớ,.. hoặc trên file excel
  • Digital checklist: Hay còn gọi là Checklist số . Bạn không cần phải mang giấy bút hay sổ tay để ghi chép công việc. Vơi checklist số bạn chỉ cần một thiết bị điện tử thông minh như điện thoại, ipad… để ghi lại tất cả những gì muốn và phải thực hiện.

Là một đơn vị hoạt động trong lĩnh vực cung cấp phần mềm, giải pháp công nghệ lâu năm, New Ocean Information System (NOIS) nhanh chóng nắm bắt các xu hướng checklist số. Với tinh thần không ngừng phát triển NOIS nhận thấy nguồn tài nguyên mà checklist số mở ra cho mỗi doanh nghiệp, mỗi ngành nghề là rất lớn. Từ đây gói giải pháp Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF)