Definition of traditional form and e-form


In the search, collection and storage of data, the role of traditional forms is undeniable. But according to the development of time and modern technical technology, we gradually have better storage solutions and that is the era of e-forms.

Traditional forms are used to refer to paper forms that store information manually. Normally, after entering information into a traditional form, the data will be pushed up and stored in an Excel file.

Also based on the information storage function, but the e-form is the result of applying technology and smart solutions to help reduce the workload while ensuring efficiency and quality. E-forms can be used on any platform you desire as long as you have a smart electronic device such as a phone. computer…

Difference between traditional form and e-form. Souce:

These e-form The most popular today can be mentioned: Google Form, E-form developed by Microsoft, Form Crafts, Form Tools, Form Bakery,… It would be remiss to ignore Factory Smart Forms & Checklists. This is a technology solution that includes both the function of an e-form and a digital checklist, promising a technology boom to help your business go further on the digital transformation journey.

Difference between traditional form and e-form


Traditional form

Form điện tử 

User object

Depending on the industry, the amount of data information.

All industries and fields can use e-forms.

Store information on

Mainly use paper, pens, related stationery.

Software, app, web… on electronic platforms such as

Volume of information stored


Limited storage volume.

With e-form information is stored in the technology space. You can store huge amounts of information.

Working performance

Workflow is highly dependent on the human factor. In the process of data entry, information errors also often occur. Besides, if the volume of information is too large, it will take a lot of time to enter data, the accuracy is not high -> Low working efficiency.

E-form allows users to access at any time to the pre-programmed form template (you can also customize the form to fit the work conditions). Data is put on the form quickly with high accuracy -> High working efficiency.



It is necessary to go through all levels of staff to report to the operator to know the current working status. -> Low management performance.

When using e-form operator only need to use smart devices to access directly -> High management efficiency.


Short. Because of human error factors during operation.

Tall. Platforms e-form currently developed using artificial intelligence,


Low level of information security.

High level of information security. In some necessary cases, you can also set a password for the e-formmine.


In the long run, the use of traditional forms causes great pressure on costs for businesses. Traditional forms are mainly made on paper, which entails the cost of paper, pens, ink, staples, etc. Along with that is the salary paid to employees who write the form and enter data.

Investments in technology are profitable and long-term investments. Therefore, the initial investment cost may be large, but later on, it will save businesses a lot. Not to mention with the great features that e-forms bring, this is completely worth it.

Factory Smart Forms & Checklists - E-forms to support businesses

Factory Smart Forms & Checklists FASF created by New Ocean Information System is a typical e-form. So how does FASF work to support businesses? You can use any smart

electronic device such as a phone, laptop, tablet, etc. that has been installed with FASF and started accessing it. Developed based on the most characteristic features of e-forms along with the upgrade, research and integration of many outstanding features from the dedicated staff of New Ocean Information System, FASF brings users the most amazing experience.


● NOIS conducts project implementation based on criteria and business characteristics that have been discussed with partners in advance. Therefore, on the Factory Smart Forms & Checklists system of enterprises, there will be pre-programmed common and frequently used forms.

● You can change the information fields inside the form to suit each stage and project.

● Besides, you can also create a completely new form. Identify the right fields of information and push the data to FASF and you have a new form for the job right away.

Difference between traditional form and e-form. Souce:
Form điện tử cùng FASF. Ảnh:

● In cases where it is necessary to export reports and data for meetings or working with customer partners. Employees just need to select the data and press “suggest to print”. Reports that used to take you hours to find and compile, with FASF in just one tap.

● Based on the Azure cloud computing platform and the most modern technology applications from the resources of NOIS, FASF allows users to store huge amounts of data.

● Above all, this is a solution to help your business save costs in the long run. In other words, saving human and material energy.

FASF works with business information based on confidentiality and security criteria. Only those who are authorized or involved in the work data can access the form to fill out information or get information. This helps superiors as well as managers easily grasp the work progress and working status of employees. Some forms need high security, if there is an object that tries to access many times or other unusual signs, FASF will immediately use the email communication system to inform management levels. Minimizing possible data “stealing” cases. One of the subjects who have a lot of contact and work with e-forms or forms is field operators. Designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface, any employee can use it. The speed and convenience of the FASF e-form has made the data entry process simpler but extremely accurate. This is really a technology solution package suitable for businesses that are on the path of innovation and modernization. New Ocean Information System’s dedicated staff is always ready to accompany customers to develop FASF in the most beneficial way for your business.

Why New Ocean

Form điện tử cùng FASF. Ảnh:

In the current technology market, there are many e-form providers using a variety of platforms such as app, web, phone, laptop, online or offline, etc. However, to choose a strategic e-form. Having a long-term strategy and being able to apply effective teamwork is not easy. New Ocean Information System is confident to be a unit with more than 12

years of experience in the field of providing technology solutions that will bring your business “multi-tasking, multi-functional and multi-profit” projects. Going beyond the limits of a conventional e-form Factory Smart Forms & Checklists shows its great potential in helping businesses make digital transformation, bringing your business into the era of technology. .


Đánh giá:

Form truyền thống được dùng để chỉ những biểu mẫu giấy tờ lưu trữ thông tin bằng hình thức thủ công. Thông thường sau khi nhập các thông tin vào form truyền thống, dữ liệu sẽ được đẩy lên lưu trữ trong file Excel. 

form điện tử phổ biến nhất hiện nay có thể kể đến: Google Form, Form điện tử được phát triển bởi Microsoft, Form Crafts, Form Tools, Form Bakery,… Sẽ thật thiếu sót nếu như bỏ qua Factory Smart Forms & Checklists

Factory Smart Forms & Checklists FASF được tạo ra bởi New Ocean Information System là một form điện tử điển hình.  Vậy FASF hoạt động hỗ trợ doanh nghiệp ra sao? Bạn có thể sử dụng bất kỳ thiết bị điện tử thông minh nào như điện thoại, laptop, máy tính bảng… đã được cài đặt FASF và bắt đầu truy cập sử dụng.