Current Challenges in the Building Materials Industry - Cement

Machinery Management

Large and diverse machinery requires continuous monitoring to ensure efficiency and continuous operation.

Machinery Maintenance

Complex maintenance and repair processes require attention and dedicated work from maintenance staff.

High Stationery Costs and Report Generation Time

Manual paperwork and reporting consume resources and time, especially during data entry into Excel.

Difficulties in Data and Checklist Management

Increasing data and checklist volumes create pressure for data organization and management.

Risks of Manual Data Entry Errors

Manual data entry is prone to errors, especially in manufacturing, leading to inaccurate information and potential problems for businesses.

DxFACTORY Solutions and Benefits

Efficient Data Management

DxFACTORY streamlines data management processes, allowing for quick access to machine information, technical specifications, and operating status.

Paperless Operations

By eliminating manual paperwork and data entry into Excel, DxFACTORY reduces the risk of errors and saves on paper costs.

Real-Time Monitoring

With DxFACTORY, businesses can monitor machine operations in real-time, enabling prompt decision-making and problem-solving.

Improved Management

DxFACTORY provides clear overall control of all production processes, enhancing management efficiency and productivity.

Digital Integration

By going digital, DxFACTORY facilitates seamless integration with modern technology, fostering innovation and progress in the Vietnamese economy.

Enhanced Accessibility

DxFACTORY allows easy access to data and checklists from any location, enabling staff to manage and control operations efficiently.

Data Organization and Stability

All data and checklists are stored on a secure server, ensuring stability, accuracy, and easy retrieval based on date, type, or sender.

Workload Reduction

DxFACTORY significantly reduces the workload for moderators, approvers, supervisors, and managers, saving time and increasing operational efficiency by 80-90%.

Remote Management

Managers can view all data in real-time through the web application, enabling remote monitoring and timely decision-making. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports provide comprehensive insights into operations.

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