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2010 – 2021, more than a decade of development in the information technology industry is also more than a decade of development of the New Information Ocean System (New Ocean IS). Leading the way, updating quickly, and smart applications are what people talk about when talking about New Ocean IS. Bringing the development of modern technology into production fields, New Ocean IS becomes a provider of solution packages to optimally support business development, including projects such as Supply Chain, Traceability , Warehouse Management… With more than 70 major partners such as Vinamilk, Dutch Lady, Amway, Nestle, P&G, HTL… New Ocean IS creates its own brand from the most core foundation – the quality of its products. them and the customer’s return value.

2 years since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, not only the economy of Vietnam but the whole world economy has been deeply affected. The constant changes of the market, the impact of objective factors now require businesses to have appropriate paths in accordance with the market context. The post-Covid period will be the time to revive, continue, maintain and develop businesses. The story of how to save capital, invest in the development of the right people, work, and objects, integrate the stages of creating automated systems, and eliminate redundant processes… is very important. . Grasping this orientation, New Ocean IS launched the Factory Smart Forms & Checklists solution package. This is a solution package to help manage businesses, serving multi-industries (especially manufacturing businesses) online.

Smart Form. Souce:

Traditional management process

 Effective management is the core process to help the system operate smoothly, produce efficiently, and achieve optimal product quality. However, to find a management method that fully meets the standards of the business is not easy. In today’s enterprises, the management of production lines is still in the traditional direction.

 Recording, calculating and processing parameters and data by paper or Excel software… The data entry process is done manually, so the accuracy is not high. Again, it easily leads to the risk of “rotation”, when you enter complete data, in fact, production has new parameters. The cost for data entry staff is also not small.

 Working process, operation depends on many procedures, papers and documents. In fact, this is a cost-intensive process for businesses. Stationery such as paper, pens, ink, staples .. units by month, by year will have a very high cost.

 When a manufacturing defect occurs, it is difficult to trace.

 Management, reporting through many levels, time consuming and sometimes not really effective.

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So now and further into the future, what goals do businesses and executives aim for in management?

 Developing with modern technical technology is an inevitable and smart step. Staying out of this trend means you are pushing your business into “backward”. It’s time to get rid of unnecessary procedures, papers and documents. Digitize time- and labor-intensive manual processes into digital formats. Investing in modern technology will be the right step, effective and saves a lot of costs.

 As a business operator, the daily workload is very large, how should the leader manage to both save time and achieve management efficiency? Technology 4.0 and Smart Forms will help you do this.

 Monitor operations remotely, no need to visit the production plant in person, but still want clear overall control while diving into the specifics of every production process? Smart Forms – when thoughts come true. Now you just need to sit at the corporate office, home or anywhere and with a smart electronic device, factory-operated production processes are at your fingertips.

What is Factory Smart Forms & Checklists?

Factory Smart Forms & Checklists(FASF) is a type of Smart Forms (Electronic Forms) developed on the cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure and Power BI by New Ocean IS.

Right from the early days of product development, Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) has been oriented to be an “extension arm of the customer”. The Smart Forms solution package was born, bringing digital formats into production management, saving a lot of costs for business owners.

So what are the specific benefits that Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) brings and what are its practical effects? Please read the following information to answer this problem!

Labour saving

The daily workload of operators and managers is huge. Jobs and processes that can be integrated and optimized digitally will significantly reduce unnecessary pressure.

Smart Forms bring digital technology to use on smart electronic devices. The digitization process has eliminated unnecessary procedures, papers, documents…

✅ Smart Forms towards standardizing the handling of checklists thereby eliminating paper in the processing.

✅ Enterprises will not encounter the situation of “rotation”, completing this data, in fact, production has new data. Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) helps you to update your data continuously and accurately. At the same time, the operator can monitor real-time, access the necessary data based on real time. This assists in making quick and accurate emergency decisions.

✅ Smart Forms system closely manages, easy to track, find out the cause of the error and then have solutions to fix it.

✅ One highlight of Smart Forms is data analysis. Data analysis is not a job that every employee can do, to get accurate analysis results you need to go through training and sometimes a lot of experience. FASF uses existing data entered in the system to conduct visualizations to improve the manufacturing process.

✅ “All in Smart Forms” has helped operators optimize their management ability. By phone, tablet or laptop… you have clear overall control over all production processes. At the same time, the operator can decentralize staff to manage and control data and checklists. It is clear that digital applications in general and Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) in particular have eliminated the workload and saved time up to 80-90% for moderators, approvers, supervisors. and manager.

✅ System data and checklists will be stored on a server and listed by type, date, sender… You can easily find the required data information and quickly. Manager can view all data in real time using web application, anytime and anywhere. Daily, weekly, monthly reports.

✅ By its operational structure, Smart Forms ensures the stability and accuracy of data.

Goods saving

The goals of saving people’s energy are all directed to bigger goals than saving money. The development of the digital age has gradually replaced unnecessary personnel positions. The process of continuous development, if each individual himself does not upgrade himself, you will easily be eliminated from the market. When the enterprise has a more optimal solution for the business process such as Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF), the position of the data entry team will be replaced. Saving businesses a huge amount.

Expenses for stationery used for formalities and papers such as paper, pens, ion ink, staples… are huge every year. The money will be more useful if invested in other stages that promote the production process.

Smart Form. Souce:

How does it work?

🌍 New Ocean IS staff is professional, dedicated in each project to bring customers satisfaction and satisfaction. Based on each different partner, business sector, size, goals and unique requirements, New Ocean IS will provide Factory Smart Forms & Checklists versions suitable for your business. Basically Smart Forms working in any environment will ensure the following main functions:

🌍 In production Downtime is easy to happen when the operating line has problems with machinery, equipment or problems with raw materials, warehouses. The staff on duty or the operator can immediately report the problem to the management levels by email system, electronic notification. Managers can quickly grasp the situation without going to the factory, thereby offering a timely and appropriate solution. The problem-solving reception unit also “picks up the circuit” quickly by accessing the FASF library that stores the solution.

🌍 Part of the cause of Downtime problems is due to machines not being maintained on time. By applying Data Analyst, Machine Learning and AI to Factory Smart Forms & Checklists, the system will analyze the working parameters of the machines and notify the appropriate maintenance time.

🌍 Data is accessed according to permissions. Allow staff to access and manipulate the system with data and reports stored on the same database. The management level monitors the overall, assigns access rights to employees according to the job, which employees will have access to which database when using FASF solutions.

Smart Forms Use Email, Notification and Reminder system to operate.

Future Mission

Not only targeting customers who are domestic enterprises, New Ocean IS also has partners who are foreign companies. With more than 11 years of establishment and development, New Ocean IS brings solutions to support the development of digital transformation businesses. New Ocean IS – Elevating the Vietnamese economy.

💥 Quản lý hiệu quả là quá trình nòng cốt giúp hệ thống hoạt động nhịp nhàng, sản xuất hiệu quả, sản phẩm đạt chất lượng tối ưu. Thế nhưng để tìm ra một phương thức quản lý đáp ứng đầy đủ các tiêu chuẩn của doanh nghiệp là điều không dễ dàng. Tại các doanh nghiệp hiện nay, việc quản lý dây chuyền sản xuất vẫn còn đang theo hướng truyền thống.

💥 Ghi chép, tính toán và xử lý các thông số, dữ liệu bằng giấy tờ hay phần mềm Excel… Quá trình nhập liệu thực hiện thủ công đem lại sự chính xác không cao. Lại dễ dẫn đến nguy cơ “xoay vòng”, khi bạn nhập liệu hoàn thiện thì trên thực tế sản xuất đã có những thông số mới. Chi phí cho đội ngũ nhân viên nhập liệu cũng không hề nhỏ.

Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) là một loại Smart Forms (Form Điện tử) được phát triển trên nền tảng điện toán đám mây Microsoft Azure và Power BI bởi New Ocean IS.

👉 Ngay từ những ngày đầu phát triển sản phẩm, Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) đã được định hướng là “cánh tay nối dài của khách hàng”.  Gói giải pháp Smart Forms ra đời đưa định dạng kỹ thuật số vào quản lý sản xuất, tiết kiệm rất nhiều chi phí cho chủ doanh nghiệp.

Vậy cụ thể những lợi ích mà Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) mang lại là gì và hiệu quả thực tiễn của nó ra sao? Cùng tìm hiểu những thông tin sau để giải đáp vấn đề này nhé!

Không chỉ hướng đến đối tượng khách hàng là các doanh nghiệp trong nước New Ocean IS còn có các đối tác là công ty nước ngoài. Cùng quá trình hình thành và phát triển hơn 11 năm, New Ocean IS mang đến các giải pháp hỗ trợ phát triển các doanh nghiệp chuyển đổi kỹ thuật số. New Ocean – nâng tầm kinh tế Việt.