Checklist is a term that appears in many areas of life from study to work, so what is Checklist? Depending on the age, nature of study, work and lifestyle of each person, the amount of work we need to complete in 1 day, 1 month, 1 year… is not the same. Have you ever been overwhelmed and unable to complete tasks well? Unreasonable time arrangement, not stratifying the nature of work is the main cause of overload and stress. Thanks to the benefits of Checklist, it becomes the solution to the problem.

Thus, it can be understood, a Checklist is a checklist of work to be done in a specified period of time, in which the tasks are sorted by priority or user situation


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🛡 What is a checklist?


➡️ Most businesses use Checklist daily to track the work progress of employees, ensure that the work is completed correctly and scientifically towards stable production and business activities.

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💥 Currently, there are 2 forms of Checklist:

Manual Checklist: Checklist lists the tasks in files, books, tables… or on Excel files with small check boxes, each completed job will tick it.

Electronic Checklist: An electronic Checklist form, which is quite popularly used today with a friendly interface, high efficiency and automatic.

🛡 What are the benefits of Checklist?

Here we will talk about the benefits of Checklist in the corporate environment, especially manufacturing businesses.

Every day, the workload of production operators, managers and operators is very large and they must ensure the quality of work. This requires us to have a scientific work plan, the tasks should be listed in detail.


For the operator: The task checklist helps the operator to have an overview with the ongoing production and business activities. Accurately evaluate employee production performance. Executives can also identify which departments perform well and which are still lax, thereby rewarding or having appropriate improvement policies.

For employees: The benefit of Checklist is to help employees be more proactive in their work, aware of the nature of their work, to prioritize completing urgent tasks and fully perform the remaining tasks. Having a Smart Work Checklist will be a premise to help you develop and advance at work.

🛡 What is Electronic Checklist?

Today’s article will cover more about Electronic Checklist. Electronic Checklist aka Electronic Job Checklist. Making a Checklist manually will have certain inconveniences, sometimes it will be difficult when you want to share the tasks that your team/team/department needs to complete. We have a new solution that is completely convenient, fast, easy to share and more modern, which is Electronic Checklist. Electronic Checklist supports users to use on software or web (depending on developer) by phone, laptop or smart electronic devices.

The outstanding development of technology 4.0, leading to businesses, cannot be out of the trend of technology application. Positive innovation is always the way businesses sustainably survive in the fiercely competitive market. Grasping the market demand, New Ocean IS has developed a solution to support enterprises in production process management – Factory Smart Forms & Checklists.

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🛡 New Ocean IS and Factory Smart Forms & Checklists

New Ocean IS

Traditional working methods always have challenges that hinder the development of enterprises. In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, many businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy. Right now, if businesses do not change the way they work, digital transformation applications are pushing themselves into “lagging behind”. In the old way of working, we find:

✅ In each enterprise, the data entry departments are always overloaded with work. The survey process searches for data, then processes, records and stores the data with papers, documents or Excel files… The workload is large, time consuming but the work efficiency is not high. Errors in the data entry process are also a common problem. Consequences of mistakes sometimes lie not only in correcting mistakes, which can cause great losses for the company.

✅ Every year, the amount of paper serving the needs of companies is very large. Besides, there are other stationery such as pens, staplers, ink… The salary paid to data entry staff is also not small. In the context of businesses having to save as much as possible to recover from Covid-19, it is clear that these are unnecessary amounts of money.

✅ Too much data information prolongs the data entry process, when this batch of data entry ends, the actual production has new parameters. The constantly changing production situation will sometimes confuse data entry staff. To report to the operator must go through many stages, so it is inevitable that “old data”.

✅ The way communication works causes a constant problem, that is, when a problem or error occurs in the production process, tracing the cause will be extremely difficult. It is not known at what stage the problem started and if the parameters at that time were correct or not.

✅ The process of management and reporting through many stages and levels takes a lot of time, but sometimes it is not really effective. Increases the workload for managers and operators.

New Ocean IS is a company that is always at the forefront of modern digital application in production management of enterprises. They develop their products based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform along with the dedicated and dedicated staff of solid expertise. Factory Smart Forms & Checklists is an Electronic Checklist used by many customers. Because NOIS is the unit:

💥 Proven digital transformation experience on industrial projects (Goldcoin Truck-weight, P&G Truck-weight,…)

💥 Information Technology and Automation converge to provide a complete solution, an interactive experience with SAP.

💥 NOIS is a specialist in manufacturing solutions for corporate customers in various industries (F&B, FMCG, Semiconductor,…). They have strengths in integrated machine/device data collection.

💥 NOIS solutions save costs when reusing components from similar projects.

Factory Smart Forms & Checklists

Factory Smart Forms & Checklists (FASF) It is issued for the purpose of supporting the management of production activities of enterprises. It allows users to store a large amount of information and data on the Azure cloud computing platform and has an Electronic Checklist to help managers and operators promptly grasp the production situation at the factory.

Factory Smart Forms & Checklistsgives businesses:

🌏 FASF digitizes paper forms, checklists, and metric processes. Unnecessary paperwork will be eliminated, minimizing the workload for employees.

🌏 Present the collected data over time intuitively, helping users to search quickly and accurately. Data in the FASF system is updated quickly and completely. You can search data information by desired field at validation intervals.

🌏 When the FASF system detects that the parameters are out of the specified range, it will immediately send an alarm/notification to the operator. These parameters are machine parameters or employee working progress parameters. With machinery, when it fails or has not been maintained in a timely manner, it leads to parameter changes that affect the production process. Thanks to FASF you will be alerted to this problem. With employees, unfinished work or poor performance, management levels will also be easier to grasp.

🌏 Save a lot of costs compared to manual data entry: costs for stationery (paper, pens, …), costs for data entry staff.

🌏 By applying Data Analyst, Machine Learning and AI to Factory Smart Forms & Checklists, the system will monitor and analyze working parameters.

🌏 From the analyzed parameters, FASF contributes to support the operator to come up with new KPIs to ensure productivity and work efficiency.

🌏 Operators control production activities on the FASF platform with just a phone or computer, without going directly to the site, saving time for other necessary administrative activities.

🌏 FAST works in real time so you can easily trace problems and mistakes when the production line has problems.

The technical staff will take advantage of the documents in the repair library to solve problems when Downtime occurs

🌏 FASF đề cao tính chính xác, an toàn và bảo mật của dữ liệu. Hệ thống sẽ thông báo, cảnh báo và nhắc nhở người dùng bằng Email.

🛡 Conclusion

Depending on different partners, the Factory Smart Forms & Checklists development team will design a solution with features suitable for your business line. With more than 11 years of experience in designing technology application solutions, you can rest assured and trust New Ocean IS’s products.

Quản lý công việc hiệu quả với Electronic Checklist - Factory Smart Forms & Checklists. Ảnh:

Checklist là danh sách kiểm tra công việc phải thực hiện trong một khoảng thời gian xác định, trong đó các công việc được sắp xếp theo mức độ ưu tiên hoặc tình huống người dùng. 

Hầu hết các doanh nghiệp đều sử dụng Checklist hàng ngày để theo dõi tiến độ công việc của nhân viên, đảm bảo công việc được hoàn thành một cách chính xác và khoa học hướng đến hoạt động sản xuất kinh doanh diễn ra ổn định. 

  • Checklist thủ công: Checklist liệt kê các đầu việc trong tập, sổ, bảng biểu… hoặc trên file Excel với hộp kiểm nhỏ, mỗi công việc được hoàn thành sẽ đánh tích vào đó.
  • Electronic Checklist: Là hình thức Checklist điện tử, được sử dụng khá phổ biến hiện nay với giao diện thân thiện, hiệu quả cao và tự động.